Simone Dinnerstein – American classical pianist wears a Jane Wilson Marquis Gown

simone dinnerstein

Jane Wilson-Marquis fashion was recently seen at Simone Dinnerstein’s performance at the Barbican in London. Simone’s dad is a Simon Dinnerstein, an American figurative artist known for the Fulbright Triptych.

Who is Simone ?

Simone Dinnerstein (born September 18, 1972)[1] is an American classical pianist who is noted for her self-financed recording of Johann Sebastian Bach‘s Goldberg Variations, released in 2007.[2][3]


Read her story in the New York Times

If you want to be a concert pianist when you grow up, there are certain rules. You do start playing as a young child. You don’t drop out of Juilliard. You do win competitions and get the attention of managers at a young age. You don’t end up at 30 with no management and no bookings, raising the money yourself for your first recording. And you definitely don’t make your New York recital debut with Bach’s demanding “Goldberg” Variations, which are supposed to reflect the wisdom of long experience, and Baroque style.

   Simone Dinnerstein, 34, has made her career by breaking every rule in the book. Ms. Dinnerstein’s recording of the “Goldberg” Variations is being released today by Telarc.


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